Your Date’s Handwriting Will Tell You Things That They Don’t
It is said that the eyes are the mirror to the soul. While that may be the case, a person’s handwriting also reveals a person’s deepest secrets. Learn to recognize the key handwriting characteristics that tell you whether someone is kind and genuine–or a dangerous sociopath.

1. A person’s signature represents the face they show the world. You may have noticed that people’s signatures often differ from the rest of their handwriting. That is because the signature represents the image they want to project. In contrast, the rest of their handwriting represents who they really are. When evaluating a person, take a look at their signature first. Is it small? If so, they are likely humble and introverted. Is it large and loopy? They may be ostentatious and crave attention. Be on the lookout for large loops that wrap around other letters. This signifies a person who likes to be in control. If you want to know whether someone is individualistic or family-oriented, look at the size of the first name compared to the last. If the first name is larger, they are independent and a free spirit. If the last name is larger, they are traditional and family-oriented.

2. The baseline of the writing tells you whether the person has a positive or negative outlook. Check whether the lines of the person’s writing slant upward or downward. When the person is an optimist, the lines slant upward. When the person is depressed or has a negative outlook, the lines slant downward.

3. The right margin tells you if the person is people-oriented or a loner. Check where the handwriting ends on the right side of the page. A gregarious person who loves people will continue writing until the right edge of the paper. A person who dreads social interactions will stop writing far before hitting the right side.

4. The space between words tells you whether a person is social. When there is a lot of space between each word, the person is a loner. In contrast, when the words are jammed together, the person is a social type.

5. The pressure they apply will tell you their level of strength and conviction. Flip over the paper to see the impression their writing leaves. A person who writes with heavy strokes tends to have strength and conviction. A weak or shy person is likely to have feather-light writing that barely makes an impression.

6. The size of the writing tells you if the person is an introvert or extrovert. The harder a person concentrates, the smaller their handwriting becomes. Studious or intellectual types tend to have small writing. Small handwriting is also typical of introverts. When you see noticeably large writing, the person is an extrovert.

7. Clear, legible handwriting is a good sign. When a person writes legibly, this connotes someone who is honest and straightforward. Be wary of handwriting that is so neat that it appears artificial, however. This may signify someone who is trying to cover up who they truly are.

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