Major Relationship Deal Breakers

Major Relationship Deal Breakers

In any relationship, the ability to forgive is an important quality to have. Everyone makes mistakes, and people in relationships need to remind themselves of this when their significant other makes one. However, there are some mistakes which are not so easily forgiven. If your significant other engages in any of the deal breakers on the below list, it is probably time to call it quits on your relationship.

1) Your significant other has cheated on you multiple times.

You know the story. Two people get into a relationship and it starts off beautifully. They have a ball whenever they’re together and can’t imagine anything going wrong. Then one catches the other cheating, and the cheater apologizes, promising it will never happen again. Only it does happen again. Multiple times. If you’re thinking the cheater in this story sounds a lot like the person you’re currently dating, that is definitely not a good sign. People who cheat may say they’ll never cheat again, but more than likely they have no intention of stopping. If you catch your significant other cheating on you, it may be time to kick them to the curb.

2) Your significant other abuses you – physically or verbally.

Physical abuse is something that is easily recognizable. If your significant other hits you, that is obviously a form of physical abuse. Verbal abuse can be more subtle and may not be so easily apparent. Verbal abuse may start out with a single contemptuous comment one day, only to escalate into constant insults over time. If your significant other tells you that you’re too ugly or stupid for anyone else to date, this is a form of verbal abuse. These comments are meant to manipulate you into thinking you can’t find anyone else but them. Never believe these kinds of comments. If your partner dishes out verbal or physical abuse, know that you can do better and leave the relationship.

3) Your significant other lies about everything.

Are you never sure what your significant other is doing or who they are with? Do they constantly tell you things that are later disproven? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you may have a serial liar on your hands. Serial liars will tell you anything to get out of trouble or appease you, but at the end of the day the things they tell you are just lies. If you’re with a serial liar, it is probably best to end your relationship with them. Relationships are based in trust after all, and how can you trust someone who lies all the time? You can’t.

Relationships are always difficult to end, but if your partner has done anything on this list, they have basically facilitated the end themselves. No one should have to stay with someone who cheats, lies, or abuses them. If your partner does any of these three things, it is time to dump your partner and find someone who treats you right.