Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Dating
Online dating now accounts for roughly one-third of every relationship in the world, so it has clearly grown in popularity over these recent years. Of course, it can be really fun looking through lists of people who might be the one for you. However, there is also a much darker side to online dating. The truth is that you don’t really know who you’re talking to allowing for some criminals try and take advantage. Nonetheless, there have been many happy marriages formed through the use of online dating. Therefore, it’s important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of online dating.

You can easily find someone who shares the same interests as you

The main advantage of online dating is the fact that you can match up with someone who has lots in common with you. This is because everyone has an online identity when they create a profile. Therefore, you have the ability to filter your search and find matches for you. By doing this you know that you’ll be meeting up with someone just like yourself who shares the same interests as you. This is the key to any successful relationship so it’s a huge advantage.

The feelings are mutual on a first impression
Going on your first date won’t be as awkward as it normally would be considering the fact that the other person will be nervous just like you. The feelings will be mutual as you’ve agreed to meet up. This clarifies that you like their looks while they like yours. All you need to do now is get to know them a little better and hopefully you both enjoy each other’s company.

It’s much easier than trying to approach someone in the real world

Interacting with someone online for the first time is nowhere near as difficult as approaching them for the first time in real life. All you need to do with online dating is send them a message and hope for a response. Whereas, if you saw someone you like out on the street you would need the courage to approach them and ask them out on a date.


Beware of Catfish

Catfish are basically people pretending to be someone they’re not. Many of these people are devious liars or criminals. You need to be very careful when browsing around on dating sites as you can easily walk into a trap. These people use fake profile pictures and refuse to chat over the phone so as soon as you sense any suspicion it’s time to walk away.

Interacting online isn’t the same as spending time with someone

You might get on well with someone over the internet, but this doesn’t mean you’ll love each other in real life. It simply isn’t the same as spending time with each other so you should try to meet up with someone as quickly as possible. Don’t get too attached over the internet, as you can really get your hopes up for absolutely no reason. Some people are completely different in real life!

People are more likely to lie over the internet

This is crucial when it comes to online dating as people can lie about anything. They could lie about their appearance, gender or situation. For all you know you could be talking to a married man or woman. There needs to be an element of trust in a relationship. Therefore, it might be better to meet someone on a night out rather than online dating.

Should you use online dating?

It’s fair to say that online dating is generally safe and it does genuinely create some fantastic relationships. Just remember to be cautious at all times and report anything you find to be suspicious. Don’t fall into a trap and if you are threatened by anyone online report it to the police straight away. With that said, good luck with any future relationships!

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